Welcome to Lehigh Valley Turkish American Association

The purpose of Lehigh Valley Turkish American Association is to;

  • increase, improve, and promote public knowledge and understanding of Turkish culture, history and people
  • foster friendship and communication among the American and Turkish communities
  • promote the exchange of the arts, culture, music and cuisine of the United States and Turkey
  • provide humanitarian assistance
  • educate the members of the Association and the general public by providing lectures and seminars in keeping with the Turkish heritage
  • encourage members to teach the younger generation the Turkish language, customs, morals, and the Turkish cultural heritage
  • solicit funds from the public and receive gifts from the public for the foregoing purposes
  • plan, design and develop cultural, educational and religious activities, including but not limited to Bayram celebrations, iftar dinners, 23 Nisan, 29 Ekim celebrations.

  • The Association is to perform all of these duties with the beliefs and teachings of Ataturk, Founding Father of Modern Secular Turkey.